03/13/2016 Site Update

I have had this site for over 6 years now.. damn that's a long time.

Its been over 2 years since I posted and quite a bit has changed in this time.

  • Bought a new car!!! A Scion FR-S
  • I've moved back to Cleveland
  • Was a visiting professor at Miami University for semester
  • Started a new job at Arrow International
  • Am super happy with life in general

Also if you have noticed my Twitter now has need posting when I've been streaming some my gaming. Why? Because of the NFGL!!!

The National Fantasy Gaming League is a little summer contest to promote playing through gaming backlogs and discussing the games.

I will likely posting more details about the steams and stuff later.


Oh and finally I got a Samsung S7 edge and I plan on making some GearVR development on it, stay tuned!!!!! 

9/21/2010 Site Update

I am now have a Droid2 woo now I will never pay attention to anything else but my phone and ignore the rest of the world!! Tongue out Oh and also I have put up stuff about our current status on the Playstation Move.

9/10/2010 Site Update

Posted a new video for the High Contrast Project Still working hard on the Phase Space project as well, hope to have some videos or screenshots up of that project soon

8/28/2010 Site Update

Updated the PhaseSpace/Ogre Project and added the planned milestones to the High Contrast Project Will be added more about Skies of Pain soon :D

8/14/2010 Site Update

Well I'm back from Comic Con and my west trip. I will be adding photos and other stuff from my trip to the site in the next few days. I have now added a Gallery section to the site, photos and art will go there from now on. Also all Candid Gaming…