03/13/2016 Site Update

I have had this site for over 6 years now.. damn that's a long time.

Its been over 2 years since I posted and quite a bit has changed in this time.

  • Bought a new car!!! A Scion FR-S
  • I've moved back to Cleveland
  • Was a visiting professor at Miami University for semester
  • Started a new job at Arrow International
  • Am super happy with life in general

Also if you have noticed my Twitter now has need posting when I've been streaming some my gaming. Why? Because of the NFGL!!!

The National Fantasy Gaming League is a little summer contest to promote playing through gaming backlogs and discussing the games.

I will likely posting more details about the steams and stuff later.


Oh and finally I got a Samsung S7 edge and I plan on making some GearVR development on it, stay tuned!!!!! 

7/22/2010 Site Update

I'm at comic-con so hopefully ill be uploading some things about the games and other things that are at comicon soon :P

7/11/2010 Site Update

Added a Reviews section and added some of the reviews Sam and I have done for WhySoBlu.com I will continue to add reviews up as I make them. Most of the PS3 reviews will be on WhySoBlu for about a week and then posted here later. Upcoming…

7/8/2010 Site Update

Busy working on adding stuf to the site Wink Added a Projects section and some other good things, Nothing is finished yet I'm still working on it.

7/8/2010 Site Update

Added stuff to the site