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I have been making interactive demos and interfaces for over 3 years. Working with IMU/AHRS to solve problems that were previously done with expensive optical systems in nearly every market from entrainment, medical and industrial.

I worked as R&D Programmer at YEI Technology. I have developed many different interactive demos to make IMUs more than just a spec sheet but a demonstrable solution for many applications. From a button-less controller, to a chain of sensors to track a multi-pivot pendulum, and a full-body interactive VR experience.

I graduated from Shawnee State University and created several fun projects while I was attended such as High Contrast Project: Zombie Game, OGRE 3D/ Phase Space Project MDI, and finally SGET Institute UFO Defense "Project Godzilla"



What is RahKoGen?

RahKoGen is a made up word that I use because many game now require a unique login associated with your name. I have used the name RoadKillGrill since Quake 2 and the name kinda stuck with me. However the RoadKillGrill is easy to confuse with a name of a restaurant as well.

I still use RoadKillGrill when I can for forums and games but when it is taken I always have the name RahKoGen to backup onto.


What is that green guy in the logo?

It is the Squid ppl. squidppl.png

It doesn't look like a squid at all.....

Do not insult the Squid ppl, they will invade your desktop.

Seriously, what is that thing?

Its a little guy I've been randomly drawing for a while, its changed a little bit over time but overall its retained the same shape. The name is just as random as a the shape, given to it when someone asked what it was.

Contact me:

Email: roadkillgrill( at )gmail.com


FaceBook: daniel.morrison987

Twitter: @RahKoGen

Instagram: rahkogen

LinkedIn: rahkogen

Steam: rahkogen

BattleTag: RahKoGen#1517


@ IRC, Typicly with the name RoadKillGrill, RoadKillGrill_ or RahKoGen