In Depth: Controls & Key Binds

This will go over five of my current control configurations and some general preferences.


Currently I have a Logitech G500 Mouse and a Nostromo n52. At this point I can assume that basically everyone has ditched the mouse that came in the Dell box and gotten a better mouse. If not then it would be a good idea to look at getting one. Side buttons are excellent addition and really are missed when going back to a traditional three button mouse. I have tried many mice but I usually tend to like the Logitech mice over Razer mice. With the exception of the Deathadder their mice I find just plain uncomfortable, the death adders optical would jump about 3 pixels on initial movement and I could never fix it so I sold it. Other mice I'd recommend and used for over a year the mx518 ( my current laptop mouse), g5 the( duel button variant) and the current mouse I'm using the G500. If you want wireless I have personally used the G7 and I loved it with the exception that there is only one side button, and that after 2 years the paint chipped off the mouse. I spend quite a few hours in front of my computer so paying $60 on a mouse is nothing. I will likely wear this mouse out before my shoes anyway.

This is my second Nostromo n52 and I still have a 3rd when this one completely fails. The n52 is an odd control pad, either you like it or you won't, this is why there is still some like-new older ones still floating around for cheap. Buying the new glowing replacement is much more than I spent on all my n52s combined. They wear out after years of gaming and the buttons no longer pop up sometimes. There was letters on the keys too but they are long worn off and now shiny :D.

Windows Configuration

To make the mouse as easy as possible to bind in games and applications. Here is the profile I use for my G500. The tilt is set through SetPoint to key-binds: left is Home, and right is End. The sensitivity buttons are rebound to page up and page down. The middle side button is bound to Enter. The rest are set to generic. Sensitivity is 2000dpi like the g5 and g7, 5400dpi is excessive overkill. Acceleration is None, and the mouse wheel is set to 5 ticks+

The n52 does have drivers but since I've upgraded to Windows 7 I haven’t gotten them working and have used it as a generic HID device, without drivers the n52 acts like the left half of the keyboard so its still fully capable of being used. I might still have copies of the old profiles around if anyone wants.

General Configuration Tips

  • Avoid weapon cycling
    Pretty much every game by default is set to use the mouse wheel to cycle through your whole arsenal, this is the worst setup you can possibly have. Its slow and an inaccurate method to select your weapon. Direct bind all the weapons to buttons, this will help you in three ways. It will reduce weapon switch time as there will only be one weapon switch penalty, with most games there is a time cost to switching weapons, if the gun is 2-4 cycles away that is time that will get you killed. Direct binds will make selection absolute, there is much less change of hitting the wrong key as opposed to scrolling the wheel too much or little and selecting the wrong gun. Lastly direct binds can become second nature with practice, regardless of the layout with enough time selecting the weapon becomes a thoughtless process. The weapon model is no longer needed to know what gun is out.

  • Mouse acceleration is evil!!
    Consistency is key, when moving the mouse from one side of the pad to the other it shouldn't matter how fast the action was done it should always move about the same in game. Acceleration can help slow down the mouse when moving slow and move faster as you move it faster however this makes the movement much less predictable. Easy way to show the issue with acceleration can be demonstrated by trying to draw circles in paint, the faster you attempt to draw the circle the larger it will become. This is counterintuitive and hard to train reaction shots to as the faster you get at it the more it will be off. Most games these days are written for consoles and really will not allow complete elimination of acceleration but reducing it as much as possible will help.

  • Disable Auto Switch
    This is more of a preference but still auto weapon switch on pickup will get you killed more than it will help you.

My Current Game Binds

I picked the top games that I actually still play online and made some sheets showing their configuration. If anyone really follows these guides closely they will point out that the UT2004 configuration is different than the one in the user.ini file in the previous guide. This is true, while making up these sheets I realized that I could eliminate the pipe switches and remove some redundant binds I didn't use. Its still very similar to the binds I used in 2006 with my G7 (the mouse shown is a G5 1st gen). The new binds no longer have any pipe switches, this was because UT3 doesn't have pipe switches and the new mouse had more buttons. Both UT3 and UT2004 binds are nearly the same so I didn't bother making a separate sheet.






Killing Floor




Team Fortress 2




Monday Night Combat




Quake Live