DDUT2004 Tweaks and TipsDD

UT2004 .ini tweaks

Remember to backup you files before you alter them!! However if you do really mess them up delete them and they will recreate themselves. All the information I am providing can also be found just by searching around (though some stuff on the internet is wrong) and is really not secret.
WARNING: the following information is provided as is I am not responsible for any misuse or bans that might occur for using the following tweaks!!


This removes the Nvidia intro scene when you start the game, wooo.

Here is just an interesting observation not a tweak
Class=xGame.xPawn //ECE edition
Class=Engine.Pawn //first retail version 6 cds or 2 dvd
SavePath=..\Save //ECE edition
SavePath=../Save //first retail version 6 cds or limited dvd
Why? I have no clue it appears not to make a difference but I noticed that there was differences between ini files depending on what version you installed even post patched.

This will make the game retain cache more than a month. No more downloading maps again and again. Be careful as this will make your cache folder grow to be insanely huge if you let it keep growing, mine is over 8gb right now. Make sure you have the room.

Now most guide I see say to increase this but only to 64 but I'm nuts and just put it up to 256 :p . Whats it do? I'm not completely sure it seems to have reduced load times, I didn't time the difference to quantify it however.

This is supposed to remove and more aggressively cull things to attempt to maintain a better frame rate. The actual effect is marginal if any, again I can't quantify the effect.

Now here is one of the good ones :D turning off ambient takes out most the junk sounds (music) in maps. However there are some lifts and other effects that also become muted when using this. In UT3 this value was even accessible through the GUI. Do not change the other AmbientVolume in the UT2004.ini or User.ini they do different things.

WARNING: the following information is provided as is I am not responsible for any misuse or bans that might occur for using the following tweak!!
This is likely the most controversial tweak in UT2004 (AKA Superman Hearing), even banned for ladder and league play in most game types. This effects the rate at which sound get quieter as they get farther away. The lower the value the less the sound diminishes with distance. 1V1 players were known to lower rolloff to 0.2 so they can pinpoint opponents across the map even without seeing them. Good news is that Anti-Tcc locks minium rolloff at 0.4 and does not allow changes midgame. So this tweak is pretty much managed, as the lowest allowed by the Anti-Tcc is 0.4 my game is set at 0.4. Other thing to note is that you cannot hear opponents footsteps while they are crouchwalking not matter how rolloff is set, the sound is not emmited while walking or crouchwalking.

I don't think this makes a difference but changed it anyway :p. Then forced x16 through the drivers

This will make the game prefer the higher res textures at a distance thus making the game look a little sharper.
Overdoing this makes the game look worse as details will be textures at a distance will artifact more. Setting this positive is not allowed in UT2004, both the built in and Anti- Tcc will not allow extreme positive values. If you are curious what that looks like in extreme cases here is a screenshot.
In Quake based games this is called picmip with a little bit of searching I'm sure you can find extreme cases of picmip abuse. In general, negative values look better positive values look more blurry.

By default with normal netspeeds online play is capped at 90 fps but with a few changes you can unlock framrates. True unlocked you set MaxClientFrameRate=0.0 and set netspeed above 10000 via console or keybind ~ netspeed 10024. Without a framecap the game will usually run worse than it did with on, so you might a well run it with a cap that is reasonable that your system can constantly preform. My old CRT could do many resolutions above 100hz but the LCD is locked at 60hz so this isn't as useful until I can buy on those 120hz LCDs. You can still try it if you want, since most servers will not default a 10000+ netspeed you will need to do the bind every map. I found the difference negligible and unless it was a ladder match didn't even bother.

WARNING: the following information is provided as is I am not responsible for any misuse or bans that might occur for using the following tweak!! The following also includes a rant, Flame ON!!!!
OK now for the one I'm sure everyone has been waiting for BRIGHTSKINS and FORCEMODELS!!!!
Then to make it work wear one of the following player skins; Tamika, Sapphire, Enigma, Cathode, Rylisa, Ophelia, Zarina, Jakob, Gorge, Malcolm, Xan, Brock, Gaargod, and Axon.
This however is one of those tweaks that really annoys snipers and see it as “unfair” and some have made stupid things to detect this tweaking. I find it quite the opposite, I think its more fair. To use forcemodels you need to wear the model you see thus making visibility of both technically the same (unless one is hidden in a one way wall). I know some people complain it ruins sniper because the skin allows you to hide. The fact that the man in the Gorge skin is somehow hiding from you might be a hint that you suck at sniper. Here is a thing that has forever bothered me with sniper, the stupid obsession with black skins and then hiding in bad places like the middle of the snow and acting surprised that anyone kill them.
Since this setting has cause allot of drama for me in the sniper community I Have not used it on sniper servers for a very long time and had separate ini for ladder matches in iCTF.

Another thing to note about UT2004 in general, all skins are ambient lit meaning no matter how dark a corner you hide you are still always going to be visible (with exception servers that run tactical shadows mut or ballistic). That black skin is not going to ever blend into the shadows as you think it will in many cases it pops out.

Time to show the next two useless tweaks that don't work but everyone thinks they do.
I could of mentioned these two in my last tweak guide, contrary to popular belief you do not need to even touch your .ini files to alter these options. They are accessible in-game in the Game Rules advanced options when setting up a DeathMatch. Player Highlighting won't show up until you goto TeamDeathmatch's advanced games rules and set it true then it will be accessible in DM.
Now for the kicker, it doesn't work on sniper servers. Yup that's right these tweaks don't work on servers that do not already have them enabled.
This has made me laugh for a while that these two values were tracked as “evil” tweaks and PsySniper's “Anti-tweak” flagged and turned off even though it had zero effect on the game. That makes me wonder, did he even test this shit before writing a mod to block it. Unless I am doing something wrong I cannot make these two values work on a server that has them disabled. You can test this to see if you can get better results if someone knows something more about these value and how they effect sniper please correct me but make sure you tested it and its not just info from a friend of a friend.

Here is a video of brighskins working offline then joining a server that has them off, and you can see it doesn't work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmAJtS_WBwo

While mentioning bAllowPlayerLights=True I might as well mention that by default this doesn't work either, to make the characters actually glow you need to go into your user.ini and [Engine.Pawn] bNoCoronas=True switch it to False
This is where I think the whole brightskin rumor started, the “asslights” that are supposed to be enabled by bAllowPlayerLights will not show up while bNoCoronas=True so you need to alter your .ini to really get them to work, so some people will see the lights while others will not. They still will only work on servers that bAllowPlayerLights=True so this whole thing is still completely useless for sniper that has these two values set to false serverside.

Now that all that is over with lets cover custom crosshairs on sniper rifles. Some reason the sniper rifles seems to put their properties in the wrong configuration file but whatever.
To get the crosshairs working on guns without installing the gun you will need to paste in the correct section header. Usally I just look at the playercontroller from the user.ini and guess the rest of it.

For example ODC's crouchzark rifle playercontroller looks like this
This is auto generated by just playing on the server.

So to get the custom crosshair on it with a few guesses at the name I got this



Paste this at the bottom of your ut2004.ini and then you will have a custom crosshair on the rifle, note that this example uses a nonstandard crosshair from a great crosshair pack called KAus http://www.moddb.com/mods/k-aus-crosshairs
To use your own crosshair preference set up one of the guns so the desired crosshair, color and size through the Weapon's menu in-game then quit. Search your user.ini for the weapon you configured and then copy and paste all the whole section. If this explanation is a bit too confusing just ask and I will try to clarify it.

Here are some other snipers that you can change the crosses on, some these might be outdated guns that they no longer use.

Be careful about changing your crosshairs some clans like SZO will ban you for altering crosshairs, even if you didn't alter them.


This is not going to be in your file unless you have played on a server with Zound, I hate zound its a waste of bandwidth and is annoying. This turns one of the many different zound muts off. Many of the others make a seperate ini dedicated to this trash where you can also turn it off.

I can dedicate an entire thread on aliases and binds but ill cover some the basics and some stupid binds, a great thread to look at some very off the wall keybinds is here http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/sh ... did=408970
These allow you so make macros and bind them to a single word, here and example


Aliases[36]=(Command="adminlogin |set input [KEY] logout",Alias="login")
Aliases[37]=(Command="adminlogout|set input [KEY] login",Alias="logout")

here is where you can set any of your key presses to do stuff like this:

F1=ScoreToggle| stat fps
This will toggle the scoreboard and also show the FPS, tap it again to hide the fps, the “|” allows you to chain multiple comands together.

GreyStar=tts Netspeed up| netspeed 10024
This is the bind that allows you to raise your netspeed so that you can upcap the framerate “tts” invokes the text to speech so it will tell you that the keybind was pressed and say “ Netspeed up” antitcc will only allow 3 changes of your netspeed a game, like I said earlyer this will not make a huge difference anyway.

GreyMinus= Brightness .6| gamma 2.1
GreyPlus= Brightness 1.0| gamma 2.5

Here two keybinds I'm sure snipers will enjoy, these are my two brightness and gamma setting one for normal 90% play and one for those stupidly dark maps. So now you can toggle between them without going to the settings menu to turn it up and down.

Mouse4=PipedSwitchWeapon 4|PipedSwitchWeapon 9

This one is useless for sniper but I'll show it anyway this allows you to put two guns on a single bind. Hit it once for shock rifle and a second time for sniper rifle. If you have no shock rifle pressing it once will pull out the sniper first try. Very nice bind to know about.

And here is the the great "Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy".
This keybind has mythical properties as »SZO«Moo explains.

...it was one of the favourite key binds of the USA clan, That's rite poop heads i said "key bind" which means legally it's not a cheat. I won't post how to do it, but it was created for instagib play to bring up auto aim. Hit this key, hit that key, crouch and fire and it will hit the closes person visable in the head each time. Most instagib players know this key bind and a few others.

Ya, I was disappointed too, you would think such an epic keybind would be longer. Its the same as if you pressed the crouch button and the fire button. So to set the record straight instagib players never aim for the head, they aim for CENTER MASS, there is no head detection in an instagib rifle it does 1000 damages wherever it hits the body. They also very rarely ever crouch, they are allays moving usually dodging. And finally if Moo was actually capable of seeing what my key binds he would notice that this bind is nowhere in my configuration!! Its serve no purpose the keybind was made for old people who can't press the crouch and fire key super fast for “freestyle”. Ask some other instagib players about the autoaim keybind and I'm sure they will just laugh at you.
To be fair he might be talking about the bind CenterView but that one is really stupid and is in no way autoaim, just it centers your view. At centerview you are at headshot level as long as you are still aiming at him right. GREAT!! Except the fact this only works as long as both of you are standing on a level surface without dodging, jumping, or crouching...

Look back up to see what this does, Snipers don't need to bother with it as it won't do shit without bAllowPlayerLights=True

Yay the menus are quiet no more sounds from the menus!!!!!

Hidden loadscreen, there you can see it now.

ShotMask=UT2004 %d %m %c
If anyone has noticed my screenshots have a custom tagging so it looks like “UT2004 12-16-2010 Grendelkeep 00879.bmp” instead of “Shot00879.bmp” You can customize how they are setup there are a few more vars but I can't remember them, I think %p adds your playername. Mix and match make a shottag that is more useful.

Here is a cool feature that never made it on the gui, UT2004 tracks the last 25 servers you joined. No tweaking here just a cool unused feature.

This is supposed to increase the rate that UT2004 checks the mouse, does it work, I dunno I didn't notice much of a difference.

I mentioned this tweak in a different thread, basically pressing both fire buttons allows you to switch to the last weapon you selected. I find it gets in the way so I turned it off.


Optional PlacedCharacterNames: Jakob, Gorge, Malcolm, Xan, Brock, Gaargod, Axon
Optional PlacedFemaleCharacterNames: Tamika, Sapphire, Enigma, Cathode, Rylisa, Ophelia, Zarina

Contrary to what many Tweak guides on the internet says this value does not directly have anything to do with forcemodeling. These are the fallback default models. Basically when you are on a server and a player is wearing a skin that is not a standard skin, is not installed on your system, and is not pushed by the server he will default to this PlacedCharacterName value. Because of this I have no problem forcing these few players to wear the skin I want, because they could be wearing a silly Barny the dinosaur skin for all I know, but the server didn’t have the skin and I'm not going to install that skin so I can see it.
When bForceDefaultCharacter is True and you are not wearing a force able skin the game will overwrite PlacedCharacterName to Jakob and PlacedFemaleCharacterName to Tamika regardless to what you set, when you are wearing a force able skin PlacedCharacterName = the current skin you wear ignoring the setting in the .ini. I dunno why they did that but whatever.

This will appear a few times in the files just replace all with False if you wan to turn off footsteps. Weopon bob must also be off for this to work. This will make it so that you can no longer hear your own foot steps. Please note that is does NOT prevent others from hearing your footsteps, if you are walking across a loud steel plate others can hear that unless you are crouchwalking. A funny bug with UT2004 is that you can still hear footsteps even while you are in vehicles!!

Here is another tweak that doesn't work but people think it does!!!
Adding this line does nothing to your game, you can look at the unreal script source and see it that it isn't declared as a config or globalconfig variable. xPawn -> UnealPawn -> Pawn -> Actor is where its declared if you are curious.
So how did people get screenshots of this working? Easy, console commands!! If you do try to do this you will not be allowed to play online, the built-in security blocks this tweak from ever getting online. You need to restart your game to play online after toying with that shit.

If I'm not a trustworthy source here is Wormbo(the author of anti tcc) saying nearly the same thing.

Putting bUnlit or AmbientGlow into an INI file is nothing else than Voodoo. People do it because they believe in an effect, but in fact those INI lines are ignored because the properties in question are not declared as config properties in the source code.

These lines are junk you can remove them all and save the space.

Here are dome additional refinances and tweak-guides
http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/sh ... did=408970
http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/sh ... did=360472
http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/sh ... e&t=410870
http://madhookup.com/main/ut2k4.shtml <-do not listen to his UT tips many of those are really bad

I think that is all of the tweaks I can think of. Here are my very own TWEAKED .ini files for anyone curious to see or use. http://rahkogen.net/Files/fearofthedark.zip
If you are thinking OMG he still is witholding tweaks, he just removed them from his ini before posting!!!! Well sorry I can never convince you that these are really the same config files I kicked your ass with.
Ballistic and Zound .inis are also included.
If you really want to just dump in these inis and run with them make sure you at least change the name and the stats user/password. Also Install the KAus Crosshairpack else most the crosshairs I use won't show up.

If you find a value in the .inis that I did not cover or need a better explanation on anything just post below and I will try to answer it as good as possible.