My current and past projects

Projects at YEI I'm working on 03/04/2012

Since graduating from Shawnee State University I have been working at Yost Engineering on various projects. Last month 3 of those projects have gone public so I thought I'd share them here.

48 Hour Game Jam 8/26/2011 - 8/28/2011

During the weekend of August 26th, Chris George, Sam Bushman, Nick Compton, and I(Dan Morrison) worked together to learn a game development platform (one never worked with before) and produce a small interactive demo by the end of the weekend. The challenge of this jam was to ultimately learn a new platform, understand its features, and quickly adapt one's self to that platform's intricacies in order to make a product. We choose GameMaker and a boardgame that Sam and Nick made earlyer this year to transform into a video game.

Using Motion Capture System for Research

Currently Shawnee State University's Motion Capture Lab has been used for Computer Animation, Gaming, and real-time interaction. The Motion Capture lab was installed last years and in this time has been used for two videos, one game, and five short interactive demos. However there is one way that is allays mentioned to while showing off the room but currently has nothing to demonstrate this usage, research. This Project intends to legitimize the Motion capture room as a tool that can be used in advanced motion analysis beyond being used for arts or gaming. This project will Hopefully interest other degrees beyond the SGET and SGDA in using the Motion Capture technologies as the room is very under utilized.

OGRE 3D/ Phase Space Project MDI Spring 2011 Updated 2/25/2011

Building on the success of last semester the project has become much more mature as our toolset and understanding of the Phasespace systems grows. We have ambitious plans for the this semester that we hope to achieve.

OGRE 3D/ Phase Space Project MDI Fall Updated 12/13/2010

The OGRE 3D/Phase Space Project MDI intends to utilize Shawnee State University's Motion Capture hardware to create an interesting and fun interactive demo for showcasing the Phase Space hardware and the SGET program to the public at large.