The Great Portsmouth Game Jam 8/26/2011- 8/28/2011

During the weekend of August 26th, Chris George, Sam Bushman, Nick Compton, and I (Dan Morrison) worked together to learn a unknown game development platform and produce a small interactive demo. The challenge of this jam was to ultimately learn a new platform, understand its features, and quickly adapt one's self to the platform's intricacies in order to make a product. This being the group's first attempt at such a game jam, we decided to limit our platform choices to an "Out of the Box" style game development suite in order to keep things as simple and easy as possible. We chose YoYo Games' GameMaker 8.1 as the platform. As for the demo to build, much discussion took place and several design sources were contiplated. Ultimately, a boardgame that Sam and Nick had designed earlier this year was chosen to be adapted to a computer game. This adaptation became a turn-based tactical combat game called "Demo Team".

About "Demo Team":

Demo Team is a turn based tactical combat game that pits 2 players in the roles of 2 rival demolition squads (Red and Blue). Each player takes turns creating demolition units, expanding their squad's influence, and destroying rival buildings and units via explosives. The last demolition squad standing wins.

System Requirements:

Color monitor that supports at least 1024x768 resolution and 32-bit color.

Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32/64-bit (Other versions of Windows may be supported, but have not been tested)

Keyboard and Mouse



Chris George: Scripter, Tester


Sam Bushman: Co-designer, Scripter


Nick Compton: Co-designer, Primary Artist


Dan Morrison: Scripter, Tester, Secondary Artist


YoYo Games GameMaker 8.1 Standard

Adobe Photoshop CS3


6 pack of Sierra Nevada Torpedo




Download "Demo Team" v2.12 Revisit (5.06 MB)

Download "Demo Team" v1 from 48hour Jam (7.05 MB)

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