Working title: Skies of Pain

A new top down Raiden-like shooter I am working on. First prototype shots will use the art from Circuit Breaker but don't be fooled it is a complete different game. This game shares no code from Circuit Breaker.


Things may change as development progresses.

What makes this game different?

Unlike most top downs that typically have one or two weapons at any given time Skies of pain will allows to use Three distinct different weapons at any time and even same time.

How will that work?

This game will not have explicitly a "super weapon" button or a weapon switch button, instead it will be just movement and the three attack buttons.

"super weapons" will be accessible through combos, this part has not been fully worked out yet.


Yes, this game will heavily rely on combos, combos are activated through the three base weapon's usage. Your ship builds up heat as you fires the weapons, this prevents using your weapons all at once all the time. combos will trigger a "Purge" of the ships energy, causing a devastating wave of destruction. on the flip side if you overuse your guns without purging the energy the ship will stall and be temporarily a sitting duck to attack. Combos will be activated simply but holing down both fires at the correct energy buildup, buildup will degrade over time while weapon is not being used.

What? now I'm getting confused.

Its a little difficult to explain completely, basicly there is Four bars that will track the usage of the ships recsources. One for each of the guns and the ships core temperature, All three guns wil feed the ships core temp, basically as long as you don't overheat it you are fine. I will hope to make an easily prototype to more clearly express what is going on with this system.

Does this game have a time traveling train?

Yes, it does.


Updated 2010-08-14 12:51:36

  • Pygame ship prototype completed: display of the base weapons operating -- Done!
  • Pygame tileloader/reader completed: able to read and correctly display the tile world, this includes basic enemies and other objects --25% done
  • Combos in pygame prototype: fully express the current gameplay in the pygame prototype
  • Evaluating current project direction: Abort if game sucks Tongue out
  • Ogre3d prototype: Taking the current ideas and a few of the structures construct a version in C++ using a 3d engine that is similar to pygame prototype this includes rewriting many things from the python version to c++
  • Real 3d assets constructed
  • Levels designed for first beta release
  • Fixing bugs and tweaking
  • First beta release