Playstation Move:

After much consideration Sam and I will not be reviewing the Playstation Move any time soon.


Before this we were  seriously thinking of buying the system and comparing it to the Nintendo Wii by testing it on multiple systems. However we stopped short of buying it. Why? The price of of the equipment to properly evaluate the system was $170 dollars. To correctly evaluate the product we needed a move exclusive game, 2 lolipop wands and at least one Nav controller. The sports game is offered stand alone for $40 or in the bundle for $100. The bundle includes a Move wand and a camera. The Wand alone is $50 so you are getting the camera (which both Sam and I already have) for $10. As we seen at Comic Con some the sports game can utilise two controllers and it be great to play with a friend so buying a second wand for $50 is needed. At this point its $150, then theres still the nav controller for $30, the cheapest thing in this whole system.


That is a lot of money for us to put out of pocket to review a system that currently has a very limited selection of games. To put this in perspective we can review 10 PSN titles for the cost of reviewing the Move and one game. We still plan on doing reviews but it might be a while before we have the time or money to do another good review. We are also planning to try a different review style with the newer reviews but nothing is definite. I might buy the move once is has more desirable games available.