Playing a bit of catch up.

Recently my site has been getting a little attention thanks for a post made asking about me on the Jaguar Sector II forums. As such, I should probably post some sort of an update on my work with the Atari Jaguar.

By the end of my last semester at Shawnee State University I had gotten as far as storing an image in the Jaguar’s memory, assigning it an an object in the Object Processor’s object list, and manipulating the position of the object in the Object Processor via key input. Below are a couple screenshots of this running in Virtual Jaguar:

Blitting the Startup screen of the Sega Saturn on the Atari Jaguar.

Moving the image down using key input.

Moving the image left using key input.

Moving the image right using key input.

Since college, I have become a fill time employee of Yost Engineering Inc. and am doing contract work with another company on the side. As such, I have had to put my Jaguar work on the side. I did finally get my Skunkboard in and have been eyeing it ever since 🙂 Once my work load lightens up (hopefully sooner rather than later) I intend to revisit my research, more throughly document what I’ve learned, and develop a game of some sort on the platform. I enjoyed the time I spent reading about the Atari Jaguar. The various hardware nuances and novel method of accomplishing gourand shading with a custom color encoding was delightful to read.

Thats all I really have to say for now on my Jaguar work. I hope it doesn’t take another year before I can start posting info about the Jag. Until next time.

-Sam Bushman

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