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Hello internet,

My name is Sam Bushman. This web site of mine is meant to give me a means for sharing my current software projects, career exploits, gaming habits, and personal thoughts. I am a senior college student at Shawnee State University. Being on the verge of graduating this spring, I felt it necessary to share my experiences in exploring the world of game programming, game design, and personal growth. Over the next few months I hope to make visible some of the programming topics I find interesting (such as Atari jaguar home-brewing, game development on a motion capture system, and planning an engine for the XNA platform) as well as show some of my personal take on gaming culture and trying to make a career out of game development. I aim to make my content informative, entertaining, and candid. If there are ever any concerns, comments, or suggestions regarding the content of this site please feel free to email me at sbushman – at – gmail – dot – com. Cheers and have a good one internet 🙂

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