About Me

My name is Sam Bushman. I am a 23 years old programmer who makes it his mission to do as much “cool stuff” as possible. When I say “cool stuff” I am referring to those tasks, projects, and activities that one may observe with wonder and amazement, but only dream of ever doing themselves. Such activities can range from grand trips around the world to neat little projects like building one’s own arcade machine. For me, above all else I rank game programming/development as the coolest of the cool stuff I want to get involved with. As such, I have devoted my education and career goals towards becoming a successful game programmer and ultimately becoming integrated into the industry at large.

Much of my past projects reflect my exploration into the various “cool things” introduced by working towards a career in game development. With the work I had done on my Senior Project at Shawnee State University I got the opportunity to head a game development team. My experiences working with the Phasespace Motion Capture System has enabled me to create a virtual reality experience not unlike those I had seen on television growing up. My time spent programming and designing with the XNA framework has given me the chance to design my own game engine. My exploration of the released Atari Jaguar Development Documentation has allowed me to write software to run on a game console I had grown up with, and at one time thought ran games on magic rather than bits and bytes 🙂

Game development excites me as it offers a wide range of “cool things” to research and experience. As I continue to explore all that game programming and development has to offer, I expect I will find new topics and projects to shoot towards. Given all that there is to do, I suppose I should stop writing and get back to work 🙂

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