War! In Space!

WAR! In Space! is a top/down, turn-based tank shooter game for the PC digital distribution platforms (Steam, Impulse, Greenhouse) and Xbox Live Arcade. WAR! In Space! mechanically builds off of games such as Scorched Earth and Battle Tanks while thematically throwing our players into space with influences from Plan 9 from Outer Space, THEM!, Dinosurus!, and Forbidden Planet. Each player takes control of an idle space station armed with a large cannon capable of launching projectiles such as bullets, chains, and even missiles. Being at the mercy of inertia in this medium-less space, each station uses its arsenal to break up asteroids and destroy the enemy station to become the last remaining station. Only one can survive in this battle for the stars.

WAR! In Space! is currently being developed on the XNA 4.0 platform during my breaks from school and will be taken up to full time once I have graduated. Our progress currently consists of a couple prototype demos and plans for future features and weapons. As active development begins again, regular posts will be made to this section of the site.