Senior Project

For the 2009/2010 Senior Project class at Shawnee State University five art students and and eleven programming students decided to combine their efforts and attempt to produce one large project rather than several individual projects. The Senior Project course is a two semester class that acts as a capstone course for the game programming and game art degrees at Shawnee State University. For our project, we decided to attempt a 3D isometric shooter based in a college campus that has been overrun by hordes of zombies. The role I played on this project was that of Project Lead. As the Project Lead, it was my responsibility to ensure the day to day tasks of the team were being accomplished, provide resources for development and documentation, settle any team management issues, and set team wide goals. Below is a gameplay video of our project, a promotional video made by students from the art department, and a link to download the installer for our game. I hope you enjoy our project. Happy shooting 🙂

Download The Installer

The 2009/2010 Senior Project Team:
Art Team
Nick Comptom – Art Lead
Branden Brown – 3D Artist
Derek Lewis – 3D Artist
Michael Rubin – 3D Artist/Music/”I’m a Boss”
Uriah Reichenbach – 3D Artist

Programming Team
Dan “RoadKillGrill” Morrison – Programming Lead
Darrell Cardwell – Programming
Chris George – Programming
Brandon “Squeeze” Conn – Programming
Mark Kieffer – Programming
Chris Atkinson – Programming

Level Design
James Leach – Shotgun, Final Map
Bill “Dozer” Maynard – Shotgun, Final Map
Sam McCoucha – Pistol, Old Assault Rifle Map
Donald Bush – Pistol, Old Assault Rifle Map

Sam Bushman – Project Lead, Assault Rifle Map
Nick Compton – Art Lead
Dan Morrison – Programming Lead

Supervisory Faculty
Greg Lyons – Art Faculty
Andrew Holbrook – Programming Faculty

Sound Effects